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Tarot Spreads

Daily Tarot Reading

Integrate a dose of daily divination into your platform with our Daily Tarot Reading. Drawing a single card, this endpoint delivers a detailed reading, segmented into three vital categories:

h  Love: Provide your users with insights into their daily emotional energies and relationship dynamics.

h  Money: Guide with daily financial forecasts, highlighting potential opportunities or challenges.

h  Career: Enhance user engagement by offering clarity on daily professional developments and decision-making insights.

Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


One Card Tarot

Integrate the directness of the One Card Tarot endpoint into your platform:

h  Quick Insight: Immediate clarity for users with specific queries.

h  Comprehensive Interpretation: Each card returns with in-depth meaning.

h  Easy Setup: Simplified design for seamless integration.

Enhance your application’s offerings by enabling users to quickly tap into tarot insights with this endpoint.

Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Three Card Tarot – Past, Present & Future

Empower your application with the chronological insights of the Three Card Tarot spread:

Sequential Clarity: Cards positioned for Past, Present, and Future insights.

Positional Interpretation: Distinct meaning derived based on each card’s placement.

Streamlined Design: Designed for easy integration into your platform.

Offer users a traditional yet profound tarot spread, connecting past influences with future possibilities through this API endpoint. Try a demo here.

Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Five Card Tarot

Offer your users a detailed Five Card Tarot spread in their unique positions:

h  Center Card: Acts as the heart of the reading, emphasizing the primary theme or challenge. If reversed, it may hint at deeper internal conflicts or unforeseen challenges.

h  Cross Card: Positioned across the center, it highlights conscious thoughts and immediate concerns. Reversed, it may suggest second thoughts or reconsiderations.

h  Above Card: Elevated above, this card embodies aspirations, desires, and what one strives for. When reversed, it can hint at unrealistic goals or expectations.

h  Below Card: Found below the center, it delves into subconscious feelings, hidden fears, and foundational emotions. A reversed position might indicate suppressed feelings or unresolved issues.

h  Future Card: Positioned to foresee what’s ahead, it provides predictions and potential outcomes. Its reversed state might emphasize caution or suggest alternative paths.

With this API endpoint, you enable a layered analysis for your users, from their present mindset to their envisioned future.

Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Relationship Tarot

Offer your users a deep dive into their relationships using our Relationship Tarot Spread. By integrating with our Relationship Tarot endpoint, you can offer users a comprehensive understanding of their relationships, serving as a tool for introspection and guidance. Enhance your platform’s capabilities, making it a go-to for relationship insights.

This endpoint delivers insights using a seven-card spread, each positioned to answer specific facets of a relationship:

h  Your current situation: Enables users to gauge feelings, actions, and potential challenges in the relationship. If reversed, it flags personal struggles or uncertainties about one’s role.

h  Partner’s situation: Offers insights into the partner’s emotional state, actions, and possible struggles. When reversed, it highlights their potential emotional challenges or feelings of disconnection.

h  Root of the relationship: Delves into the core foundation of the relationship, shedding light on its history, values, and defining moments. If reversed, it signals potential instability or lingering past issues.

h  Strength of the relationship: Highlights positive aspects like trust, mutual respect, and intimacy. When reversed, it indicates that these strengths might be in jeopardy.

h  Challenge in the relationship: Provides clarity on existing hurdles or issues. If reversed, it indicates challenges that might be overlooked or escalating.

h  Future of the relationship: Forecasts the potential path of the relationship. When reversed, it serves as a cautionary note based on current trends.

h  Advice/Outcome: Furnishes the Tarot’s guidance on the relationship’s trajectory and its likely outcomes. If reversed, it suggests either overlooked advice or potential adverse results.

Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Career Tarot

Provide your platform’s users a detailed seven-card spread tailored to career insights:

Current Position: Highlights the current phase in one’s professional journey, encapsulating roles, satisfaction, and the general ambiance of their work environment.

Challenges: Uncovers potential roadblocks, from interpersonal conflicts to external market dynamics, offering a grasp on what might be stalling progress.

Your Potential: Reveals unrecognized talents or skills, advising on how these can be channeled for career advancement.

What to Know: Offers a heads-up on overlooked aspects, be they hidden opportunities or emerging challenges, to keep one step ahead.

Outside Influences: Delineates external factors shaping one’s career—be it organizational shifts, market fluctuations, or influential individuals.

Next Steps: Directs toward prospective opportunities, from skill-enhancing courses to pivotal networking avenues, marking the way for optimal career moves.

Outcome: Forecasts the potential trajectory of one’s career, providing a sneak peek into anticipated milestones or shifts.

Using this spread can give users a comprehensive understanding of their career path, helping them make informed decisions and prepare for upcoming opportunities or challenges. Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Horseshoe Tarot Spread

Equip your platform with a detailed seven-card spread tailored for holistic understanding:

Past: Recounts historical events or influences shaping the present, granting clarity on the origins of current scenarios.

Present: Depicts the ongoing scenario, capturing the essence of current emotions, challenges, and conditions that are most pertinent.

Influences: Unearths underlying forces, whether they stem from inner desires, external dynamics, or spiritual guidance, impacting the situation.

h  Obstacles: Pinpoints challenges or blockages, illuminating areas that demand attention and strategic problem-solving.

External Influences: Highlights external factors, such as societal expectations or others’ perspectives, that play a role in shaping the situation.

h  Advice: Provides actionable guidance on potential strategies or mindsets, serving as a compass for optimal decision-making.

Outcome: Projects the potential direction of the situation, offering foresight into likely resolutions or consequences.

When using the Horseshoe Spread in a tarot reading, it offers a holistic view of a situation, from its origins to its eventual outcome, providing valuable insights at each step of the journey. Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Dream Spread

Delve into the enigmatic world of dreams and their significance with our three-card Dream Tarot Spread, designed to bridge dreamscapes with real-world implications.:

Relevance of the Dream to Your Life: The first card in this spread serves to bridge the world of dreams and reality. It examines the connections between the dream and the dreamer’s day-to-day life, revealing any parallels, symbols, or themes that might resonate with their current experiences or emotions. This card can shed light on why a particular dream might have occurred and what it reflects about the individual’s life.

Lessons to be Learned from Dreams: The second card delves deeper into the subconscious messages or teachings embedded within the dream. Dreams often carry hidden wisdom, warnings, or insights, and this card aims to unearth those nuggets of knowledge. Whether it’s a cautionary tale, an affirmation of one’s feelings, or a push towards self-realization, this card guides the dreamer in understanding what the dream is trying to convey.

How to Apply Dreams to Your Life: The final card in this spread bridges the gap between the ethereal dream world and tangible reality. It provides actionable advice or guidance on how to integrate the learnings and insights from the dream into the dreamer’s waking life. Whether it’s a change in behavior, a new perspective, or a call to address certain emotions or situations, this card gives direction on how to utilize the dream’s messages for personal growth and wellbeing.

When using the Dream Exploration Spread in a tarot reading, it offers a deep dive into one’s subconscious mind, bringing clarity to the often mysterious realm of dreams and illuminating their significance in our lives. Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Chakra Spread

Integrate a profound seven-card spread designed to assess the harmony of energy centers:

Root Chakra: Positioned at the spine’s base, it reflects grounding aspects like physical health, financial stability, and security. A balanced Root promotes feelings of stability. In the spread, it can allude to health, finances, or overall safety.

Sacral Chakra: Located lower abdomen-wise, it embodies emotions, desires, and creativity. A harmonized Sacral emits joy and creativity. In the spread, insights might concern emotional health, relationships, or creative expressions.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Nestled in the upper abdomen, it signifies inner strength, self-identity, and determination. A balanced Solar Plexus exudes confidence. This position may flag self-worth or inner power challenges.

Heart Chakra: At the chest center, it echoes emotions, relationships, and bonding. A harmonious Heart exudes love and compassion. Within the spread, it could pertain to relationships or emotional states.

Throat Chakra: Situated in the throat, representing authentic communication and self-expression. A balanced Throat ensures clear articulation. In the spread, it might touch upon communication or truth-telling matters.

Third Eye Chakra: Centered on the forehead, it mirrors intuition and inner wisdom. A harmonized Third Eye amplifies intuitive skills. Within the spread, insights might revolve around spiritual discernment or intuitive pursuits.

Crown Chakra: At the head’s apex, signifying spiritual connection and enlightenment. A balanced Crown promotes profound spiritual linkage. In the spread, it could spotlight spiritual endeavors or connections.

Leveraging the Chakra Tarot Spread endpoint provides users with a comprehensive analysis of their energy harmony, identifying balanced zones and potential areas demanding attention, promoting holistic well-being. Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Past Life Spread

This spread uses six cards to uncover reincarnation intricacies and the past’s influence on present actions:

Past Life Self: Unveils facets of your previous existence’s persona, including significant events or roles you might have assumed. It provides a glimpse into your past identity.

Past Life Environment: Gives insight into the social, cultural, or geographical context of your past life, highlighting pivotal environmental influences that shaped your previous journey.

Past Life Lessons: Centers on the wisdom and experiences garnered in the past. It showcases growth derived from past life trials and enlightenments.

Past Life Karma: Spotlights unresolved challenges or deeds from the past, presenting karmic debts or merits awaiting attention in this life.

Current Life Issue: Links past experiences to the present, identifying patterns or situations anchored in past life dynamics.

Resolution: Suggests strategies or actions to confront past life influences, offering pathways to healing or navigating their present-day impact.

The Past Life Spread in a tarot reading is a profound tool that helps users comprehend the interplay between past life and current experiences, enlightening them on karmic patterns and aiding them in their present journey. Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Celtic Cross Spread

Embark on a detailed journey with the popular Celtic Cross spread, encapsulating both the present situation and its potential trajectory over it’s ten cards:

h  The Present: Anchors the reading by focusing on your current state, mood, or overarching circumstance, setting the context for the cards that follow.

The Challenge: Positioned across the Present card, it unearths pressing challenges or dilemmas, spotlighting potential roadblocks you might be facing.

The Basis: Digs deeper to uncover foundational aspects, whether they’re past events or ingrained beliefs, influencing the current scenario.

The Past: Recounts relevant historical events or experiences that have a bearing on your present, emphasizing their lingering influence.

The Crown: A forward gaze into potential futures, illustrating possible outcomes if the present course remains unaltered.

The Immediate Future: Focuses on the forthcoming horizon, signaling any imminent changes, events, or shifts to anticipate.

The Self: A reflective card that conveys your personal feelings, beliefs, or perceptions about the ongoing situation.

The Environment: Centers on external influences, be it supportive individuals, challenging events, or societal pressures shaping your path.

Hopes and Fears: Encapsulating a spectrum of emotions, this card unveils your deepest aspirations and apprehensions related to the situation.

The Outcome: Forecasts the likely trajectory based on present conditions, suggesting potential conclusions or results.

The Celtic Cross is one of the most revered and comprehensive tarot spreads. Its intricate design captures a broad range of facets, offering both clarity and depth in its analysis of a situation. Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Zodiac Spread

This spread uses twelve cards, in their correct positions:

 Aries (1st House) – Self and Identity: This card grants a view into the querent’s core identity, their personal presentation, and the way they perceive and are perceived by the world around them. It’s deeply intertwined with their self-image and outward demeanor.

 Taurus (2nd House) – Possessions and Values: Offering a glance into the materialistic realm, this card explores the querent’s financial standing, their belongings, and the values that guide their decisions and actions.

 Gemini (3rd House) – Communication: Highlighting interpersonal interactions and immediate surroundings, this card sheds light on the querent’s communication habits, relationships with siblings, and the environments they frequent.

 Cancer (4th House) – Home and Family: Rooted in origins and comfort, this card delves into the querent’s family ties, their ancestry, home environment, and the sense of security they derive from them.

 Leo (5th House) – Pleasure and Creativity: Reflecting joys and passions, this card reveals what brings happiness, romance, and creative expression into the querent’s life. It can also touch upon children and personal hobbies.

 Virgo (6th House) – Work and Health: Focused on daily life, this card provides insights into the querent’s professional tasks, health habits, and overall routines, illuminating their well-being and responsibilities.

 Libra (7th House) – Relationships and Partnerships: Navigating the world of connections, this card offers a glimpse into both romantic and professional partnerships, underscoring the balance and mutual respect in these relationships.

 Scorpio (8th House) – Transformation and Sexuality: Probing deeper realms, this card ventures into topics of intimacy, sexuality, joint resources, and personal growth or transformation.

 Sagittarius (9th House) – Travel and Philosophy: Encouraging exploration, this card speaks to the querent’s beliefs, education, and potential interests in distant travels or spiritual journeys.

 Capricorn (10th House) – Career and Status: Focusing on public image, this card reflects the querent’s career trajectory, reputation, and how they’re viewed in a professional or public context.

 Aquarius (11th House) – Friends and Hopes: Zeroing in on social connections, this card touches upon the querent’s friendships, social networks, and their aspirations for the future.

 Pisces (12th House) – Secrets and the Unconscious: Peering into the shadows, this card unveils hidden aspects of the querent’s existence, diving into their dreams, subconscious mind, and elements of their life they might not be consciously aware of.

The Zodiac Tarot Spread is a comprehensive tool that mirrors the astrological houses, providing a holistic view of one’s life. Each card position corresponds to a specific zodiac sign, drawing parallels between tarot and astrology, two age-old systems of divination and self-understanding.

This spread offers multifaceted insights, weaving together different life areas in a cohesive narrative. Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Full Moon Tarot Spread

Engage with a seven-card spread that resonates with the profound energies of the full moon:

 Illumination Card:

  • Description: What is being illuminated for the user right now?
  • Insight: Reveals what’s currently being brought to the forefront during this full moon cycle for the user.

  Culmination Card:

  • Description: What is culminating or completing for the user?
  • Insight: Describes what’s concluding or peaking in the user’s life during this phase.

  Release Card:

  • Description: What should the user release or let go of during this full moon?
  • Insight: Points out what the user should consider relinquishing, leveraging the full moon’s energy.

  Emotion Card:

  • Description: Which emotions are surfacing for the user?
  • Insight: Tunes into the dominant emotional energies resonating with the user during this lunar phase.

  Harvest Card:

  • Description: What has the user harvested or discerned since the previous new moon?
  • Insight: Highlights the user’s achievements, learnings, or growth throughout the last lunar cycle.

  Channeling Energy Card:

  • Description: How can the user best channel this full moon’s energy?
  • Insight: Offers guidance on harnessing and directing the prevailing full moon energy for the user’s benefit.

  Intention Card:

  • Description: Which intentions might the user consider for the ensuing lunar cycle?
  • Insight: Assists in setting the user’s focus and goals for the upcoming new moon phase.

The Full Moon Tarot Spread is a focused 7-card layout designed to tap into the energies and insights of the full moon. Each card position helps the querent understand and harness the power of the lunar cycle, guiding them towards reflection, growth, and intention setting. Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


New Moon Tarot Spread

Engage users with a seven-card spread that aligns with the energies of the new moon:

  Present Energy Card:

  • Description: What energy is the user currently channeling?
  • Insight: Reveals the user’s current state and dominant influences they’re encountering.

  Desires Card:

  • Description: What aspirations or objectives are emerging for the user?
  • Insight: Spotlights the user’s present hopes, dreams, or targets for this budding lunar phase.

  Challenges Card:

  • Description: What potential challenges or barriers could the user encounter?
  • Insight: Sheds light on possible obstacles or lessons awaiting the user.

  Hidden Influences Card:

  • Description: Which unseen forces might be influencing the user’s journey?
  • Insight: Unravels subconscious elements, unanticipated influences, or concealed factors shaping the user’s trajectory.

  Release Card:

  • Description: What might the user need to relinquish to welcome fresh energies?
  • Insight: Pinpoints outdated patterns, convictions, or circumstances that could deter the user’s forward momentum.

  Resources Card:

  • Description: Which resources (inner or external) are at the user’s disposal?
  • Insight: Emphasizes the user’s inherent strengths, tools, or allies that can assist in realizing their goals.

  Outcome Card:

  • Description: If the user pursues this course, what might unfold?
  • Insight: Offers a preview of the possible outcome or dominant energies by the subsequent full moon.

The New Moon signifies fresh initiations, rejuvenated starts, and a time to formulate intentions. This phase invites users to sow intentions for future blossoming and realization. The New Moon Tarot Spread API is curated to tap into this vibrancy, bestowing clarity on the user’s present situation and lighting up their forthcoming path.

By integrating this spread, your API can guide users in discerning concealed influences, assessing their assets, and laying out transparent, attainable aims for the next lunar phase.

Our live AI Tarot Reader can be integrated with this spread.


Custom Tarot

  We specialize in crafting custom Tarot spreads, complete with nuanced interpretations for each card’s placement. Please reach out with your unique specifications.

Additionally, if you seek any popular Tarot game not currently featured, let us know—we’re happy to accommodate new requests.


Bespoke Game Solutions

  Dive into a world of unique possibilities with our custom game creation services. From mystical card games to rare esoteric challenges, we provide the platform for you to offer distinctive, engaging experiences.

If you have a game concept that delves into the eclectic or the spiritual, we’re equipped to bring your ideas to life. Get in touch to design a game experience that stands out and captivates your audience.


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Explore our curated demos highlighting the functionality and versatility of the games and chat. Browse through the different Tarot games, horoscopes, and chat interactions, offering a comprehensive view of the software’s capabilities.