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What are the AI Chatbots?

Our AI Chatbots are cutting-edge, highly intuitive and uniquely trained across all facets of the Tarot. They deliver incredibly insightful readings and interactive experiences, engaging users with deep, nuanced interpretations that resonate with any question or life situation. With their extensive knowledge of tarot traditions and contemporary practices, our chatbots stand as your own personal digital tarot masters, ready to offer guidance and perspectives that are as profound as they are personal.

How do the Chatbots work?

You can access our chatbots by integrating our API into tarot or horoscope games, allowing them to understand the context of the cards drawn and their positions within a spread. Users can ask questions and receive interpretations and insights in real-time.

Can the chatbots understand different spreads and readings?

Yes, our chatbots can interpret a wide variety of tarot spreads, from simple three-card spreads to complex Celtic cross layouts, adapting their responses to fit the specific narrative arc of the game. They can also discuss your horoscopes, or other bespoke games you create with us.

What makes your chatbots unique?

Our chatbots offer unique, AI-driven interpretations that go beyond traditional readings. They provide interactive sessions and are continually updated with new tarot interpretations to ensure readings are current and relevant.

How can I integrate the AI Tarot Chatbot into my platform?

Integration is done via our seamless API, which comes with developer-friendly documentation and technical support to assist you throughout the setup process.

Is technical support available for the chatbots?

Yes, we offer ongoing API support as well as custom game and software development services to ensure that integration and operation are smooth and effective.


Tarot and Horoscope Games

Are the readings are unique and not generic?

Our readings utilize a sophisticated API that draws from a rich and varied database, ensuring that every reading is distinct. The system takes into account the specific orientation and position of each card within the spread to provide interpretations that are tailored to the context of the game and the question at hand, thereby maintaining the uniqueness and relevance of each reading.

Can I trust that the tarot card meanings provided are accurate and consistent?

Absolutely. We have meticulously programmed predefined meanings into our systems for each tarot card that correspond with their positions within various spreads. This level of detail accounts for both upright and reversed orientations, providing consistency across all readings while aligning with traditional tarot interpretations.

Will my users receive the same horoscope as someone else?

No, our system is designed to ensure that every member has access to a unique horoscope dataset, thus eliminating repetitive content. This personalized approach guarantees that every horoscope is crafted to be as individual as the person reading it.

How does the API deliver readings to be integrated into my game?

Our API sends comprehensive data, including the names of the cards drawn, their positions in the spread, and their specific meanings based on those positions and orientations. This gives you the flexibility to craft and style your tarot game or application with complete creative control, while we provide the foundational tarot knowledge and interpretations.

In what ways can I use the readings within my app or website?

Our API is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to display the readings in a manner that aligns with your brand and user experience. Whether you choose to present just the card names, the images, the interpretations, or a combination thereof, our API adapts to your presentation style to maintain the thematic consistency of your platform.

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