Add Live AI Tarot Chatbots To Your Games

Revolutionize your Tarot and Horoscope services with dynamic chatbots that understand each reading.

Intuitive Insights via API

Seamless API Integration – Easily integrate our chatbots into each tarot or horoscope game

Developer Friendly Documentation – Comprehensive documentation and resources for easy setup

Technical Support & Custom Games – Ongoing API support, and custom game/software development available

Elevate User Experience

Interactive Chat – Enable users to pose queries and receive responses based on the specific cards drawn or games outcome

Adaptable to Various Spreads – Our chatbots can comprehend multiple tarot and horoscope layouts, providing diverse styles

Unique Interpretations – Distinguish your platform with AI-driven tarot readings that go a step further than traditional interpretations

Easily Connect to Live Chatbots

Live Tarot and Horoscope AI Chatbot

Integrate our Tarot and Horoscope services, with a live AI expert.

Key Features

v  Contextual Understanding: Our chatbots know which cards are drawn and their respective positions, ensuring an accurate reading.

Interactive Q&A: Engage in a dynamic conversation, seeking clarity on your reading or exploring deeper insights.

Regular Updates: Our chatbots are continually trained with new tarot interpretations and trends for up-to-date readings.

How it Works

  Card Aware: Each instance is unique to every game played and answers based on the cards drawn.

  Ask Questions: Users engage with the chatbot, asking specific questions, about specific cards, or about their meanings.

  Receive Insights: Integrate the API with your own UI to offer answers for your users 24/7, with access to their own, live Tarot Reader. 

View Demos

Try a demo of a Three Card Tarot spread, and chat to the reader. Browse through the different Tarot games, horoscopes, and chat interactions, offering a comprehensive view of the software’s capabilities.